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Miniclub for Children on Holiday in Bibione

The Land of Holidays

Over the past of years our family has grown larger. We have learnt not only how wonderful and at the same time demanding it is to be parents and grandparents, but also how important it is for children to fully enjoy their holidays in a place made for them where they can play and discover new things.

The Land of Holidays
is not far away at all:
if you look on the calendar
you can find it easily.
Occupies between June and September,
the most beautiful season.
Get there after exams.
Passport, the report card.
Every day, here, is Sunday,
However, it works much:
between games, diving and walking
never rests.

Gianni Rodari

The Miniclub in Hotel Parigi

From 12.30 am to 2.00 pm and from 6.30 pm to 10.00 pm, our younger guests will be able to have fun, play and learn in complete safety with our ‘entertainers’ in their own club, “the magic land of holidays”, while the grown-ups can take a couple of hours off enjoying the beach holidays in Bibione.

“The magic land of holidays” club has two playgrounds. One is outside, nearby the pool of the hotel, and the other is an indoor area with many games and amusements: children’s playhouse, slides, swings, board games, playstation, cartoons, many fairy tales for all ages.

There are also many mini-clubs down by the beach in Bibione, where children of all ages can participate in many activities ranging from sports, board games and children’s workroom. The entertainers will follow your children daily from 9.30 am to 11.30 am and from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm.

Children swimming pool

Our heated swimming pool in Bibione is perfect for older children and has also a small area for toddlers, where parents can easily keep an eye on them while basking in the sun and sipping thirst-quenching drinks prepared by our bartenders.

Amusement in Bibione City Centre

There are many leisure facilities for families in Bibione like amusement arcades, the “Fantasia” evening funfair and just a few kilometres from the hotel, the water park “Acquasplash”, the theme park “Gulliverlandia” and the big “Punta Verde Zoo Park”.

Services and health

The staff of the Hotel Parigi is at your service for any request. We shall be delighted to satisfy your needs and pamper you.

Health before everything at the Hotel Parigi: you will find always someone to help you 24h/day with any health problem your children may have, to give you all the information you need and take you, if you wish, to the local Health Authority.

On request we will provide you with everything you need for the care of children: baby cots, a baby-changing table, bottle warmers, a baby bath and night lights.
For us the care and the health of your children is very important, for this reason the Hotel Parigi in Bibione seeks to offer all necessary assistance so that their parents can spend a holiday with no problem.

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