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Excursions from Bibione

Time travel

After a summer storm or during a clear day of ‘Bora’ (north-easterly wind), you will be able to contemplate from the top floor of the hotel Parigi the magnificent, enchanting pinnacles of the Dolomites and the Julian Alps with the Adriatic Sea in the background. This is the perfect setting of a glorious past where every little church and hill and pebble hold the secrets of the past.

Bibione lighthouse

Within an hour’s drive from Bibione, you may visit the ancient ruins of Aquileia, one of the biggest and most important Roman Imperial cities of the past. To the north lies Cividale, one of the Lombard strongholds in Italy. Along the coast you will discover Marano and Caorle, names of towns that recall the flight from the barbarian invasions, trade routes of the Byzantine Empire and the glory of the Republic of St. Mark, when Venice ruled the Mediterranean.

The beach of Bibione is a perfect starting point for day visits to wonderful towns of artistic interest and little villages that have treasures of inestimable value. For this reason, even during the days of bad weather you can spend some magical moments not far from our hotel.

Venice, Trieste, Treviso and Verona are the classic excursions, but we will also be delighted to suggest you new itineraries, off the beaten track and just an hour from Bibione, on the hidden footsteps of our past.


Venice might be considered as a magnetic field that, with the magnificent beauty of St. Mark square, attracts people from all over the world.

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Recently awarded the status of a "World Heritage Site", Verona has delighted painters, poets, travellers and celebrities for centuries.

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Padua is a jewel of art, where amusement and culture join together.

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Trieste, whose beating heart is represented by the magnificent Piazza Unità, is a centre of music: the Verdi Theatre, built in 1801 near the sea, inspired the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi and still today is enchanting the lovers of music and theatre.

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A few kilometers away from Lignano is located Portogruaro, the "town of the arcades".

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Sesto al Reghena

Sesto al Reghena is located at few kilometers away from Portogruaro, on the way to Pordenone.

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Concordia Sagittaria

Concordia Sagittaria is situated at only two kilometers away from Portogruaro.

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Villa Manin

The last Doge of Venice, Ludovico Manin, built this beautiful villa according to the concept of Palladio, who wanted to combine the architecture and the surrounding environment.

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